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NLRB ruling: Washington State NewsGuild to represent four newspapers

24 Feb, 2021

WASHINGTON STATE - The Washington State NewsGuild heard today that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled in our favor that we have won the right to be one union across all four newsrooms: The News Tribune in Tacoma, The Olympian, The Bellingham Herald, and the Tri-City Herald. The truth was always on our side and this ruling reflects that.

“We aren’t surprised by the board’s conclusion, because it is obvious how tied our newsrooms are in covering the communities across Washington,” Josephine Peterson, an organizer and county reporter at The News Tribune said. “We are proud of our fight for local journalism, and we hope McClatchy speeds up the process to the bargaining table by recognizing us."

This ruling is a cause for celebration for journalism across the state, but our work is not done. Our parent company, McClatchy, can still take the opportunity to recognize our union. In the event that they do not, we will proceed to an election in early March and form a union that way. We are committed to continuing to fight for robust journalism in our communities and hope McClatchy will join us in this endeavor.

This victory will empower us to better advocate for all of our hard-working journalists across the state who continue to fight to best serve all of our communities. There is still much that needs to change and our journalists still deserve far better support from our parent company. This can and should come in the form of releasing the cost of living increases that are currently being denied to our journalists.